Bitcoin SV: New developments in Wright v. Kleiman case

2022-01-10 区块链达人

Craig Wright,

supporter, is one of the most controversial figures in the cryptospace. Wright has tried to prove that he is the inventor of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto. His claims have brought him complications and legal suits.

Wright’s case against Kleiman has captured the attention of the cryptocommunity. Dave Kleiman is Craig Wright’s late partner and is represented by his brother, Ira Kleiman. The case began in 2018 when Ira Kleiman accused Wright of stealing intellectual property and funds in BTC from his brother. The case received a favorable verdict for Kleiman by the middle of this year.

The judge in charge of the case ordered Wright to pay 500,000 BTC to Dave Kleiman’s legal representation. However, Wright has not complied with the payment. His legal team appealed the decision and, due to an alleged mistake, requested a century’s extension of the judge’s sentence. The case continues, new witnesses are presented and other entities of the ecosystem are attacked.

Wright has claimed that he cannot comply with the ruling because his funds at

(BTC) are beyond his reach. A joint discovery

, introduced on December 17, 2019, presents new evidence about the funds’ whereabouts.

According to the document and Wright’s claims in the past, the funds were placed in a trust called Tulip. The trust, according to Wright, was managed by Tulip Trading Ltd. Despite court demands, Wright was unable to produce documents about the existence of the trust.

The aforementioned memorandum presented the sworn statement of Dennis Mayaka. The witness would have been an accomplice of Wright in the formation of the trust and testified in court that the fund “does not exist”. Again, the court ordered Wright to produce documents mentioning the fund or the people who formed it to the court.

On the other hand, Wright’s legal representation made a particular move. According to the document filed with the court, Dave Kleiman would have had the funds on one of 15 electronic devices in his possession. According to Wright, Dave’s brother found the funds and would have financed the purchase of a property estimated at $400,000 USD. This last statement contradicts Wright’s previous statement about the fate of the lost Bitcoins.

In addition, Wright has requested communications between Ira Kleiman with the Blockstream team and the Bitcoin Core team. Wright accused them of being part of a scam to forge documents related to the case.

Blockstream’s CSO, Samson Mow, made statements on his Twitter account. Mow dismissed the accusations as absurd.


actually demanded all communications between Ira Kleiman and Blockstream so he could check if we were involved in hacking him and making all the Satoshi forgeries.

I couldn t make this up if I tried. ?

— Samson Mow (@Excellion)

In another unfavorable development for Wright, statements were made public in which he referred to the judge in charge of his case. Wright’s statements would have been offensive. According to one interview, Wright called the judge “silly”.

Attorney Stephen Palley, an expert in smart contracts and blockchain technology, said Wright committed perjury and may face additional charges and penalties for his statements. In addition, it could negatively affect the outcome of the ongoing legal case.

Craig Wright objected to imposition of potentially case ending sanctions against him in the Kleiman case. Plaintiff now replies, in a blistering brief that details repeated alleged perjury and as a cherry on top an interview in which he called the judge a “silly judge.”

— Palley (@stephendpalley)

The legal landscape for Wright remains downward. It is yet to be seen if the latest events will affect Bitcoin SV’s performance.

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