Lagarde forms task force for digital Euro

2022-01-10 区块链达人

Are we trying to cut costs? Are we trying to eliminate the middlemen? Are we trying to achieve free inclusive financing? There are a number of objectives that can be pursued.

My personal conviction is that given developments we see, not so much in bitcoin but in stablecoins projects. […] We’d better be ahead of the curve because there is clearly demand out there that we have to respond to.

As Lagarde explained, before developing a digital euro, the objectives must be set. In addition, the efforts of the national central banks should be bundled in order to accelerate development and benefit from the expertise of the various countries of the European Union:The digital currency – we have set up a taskforce and we will accelerate the effort of this taskforce, drawing on the resources of the entire Eurosystem, meaning the national central banks that already participate in that research and that have already committed to the project in terms of experimentation, pilots here and there.

Author : Jake Simmons