Bitcoin, TRON and IOTA

2022-01-10 区块链达人

Bitcoin’s volatility has continued to increase since the pump last week, providing traders with optimal conditions to make quick profits. Industry analysts questioned the sustainability of the sudden rise in prices.

Last week’s blockchain and bitcoin hype in China should not be forgotten. and its potential for use in his own country. It also became known that the oldest wallet supplier for Bitcoin from China is secretly continuing the development work. Cryptocurrencies that have their main set in China, such as TRON or NEO, recorded strong price increases of over 30% as a result.

After a weak start of the Bitcoin Futures on the Exchange Bakkt, the trading volume of the “physically” covered contracts increased last week. The all-time high is 1183 contracts traded daily, with a total of 623 contracts traded on Friday.

Author : Collin Brown