IOTA news

2022-01-10 区块链达人

The Open Marketplace project aims to provide a decentralized marketplace for food and other goods as an alternative to large enterprises such as Amazon, Uber Eats and others. Via the platform people who cannot leave their homes and local businesses that had to shut down due to the corona crisis will be connected. Buyers and sellers can thus trade peer-to-peer without having to use an intermediary.

In this way, the Open Marketplace aims to address the fundamental problem of the supply business, which is dominated by large companies and has considerable disadvantages for both consumers and traders due to horrendous commissions paid to the large companies. In contrast, the Open Marketplace is completely free and, thanks to IOTA technology, can process transactions free of charge and uses MAM (Masked Authenticated Messaging) for anonymous and secure information transmission.

The project realizes an easy and fast integration of IOTA projects into the embedded Linux universe. For this purpose, Rodrigues had successfully ported the Go, Python and C libraries (CClient + MAM) of IOTA to OpenEmbedded as well as the GoShimmer, Hornet and cIRI node implementations. He also introduced IOTA to the embedded Linux community when he gave a presentation on Meta-iota at the Yocto Summit 2019 in Lyon.

I believe Distributed Ledger Technology is one of the most exciting and positive technological revolutions that humanity has put forward in recent history. I am passionate and curious about the next chapters of this exciting time in history, and the quantum leaps we will achieve in this newborn decade. I feel nothing but honor and gratitude for being able to contribute to this amazing collective endeavor.

Author : Jake Simmons