XRP volume between the US and Europe explodes

2022-01-11 区块链达人

On the social network Twitter, a conversation emerged about the performance of ODL. Several users stated that the payment solution showed a strong increase of $1.5 million in transaction volume in one day for the EUR/USD pair. One of the participants of the discussion stated that this occurred despite the fact that Ripple’s CTO had said that ODL does not target liquid corridors such as the EUR/USD pair.

According to the Liquidity Index Bot, XRP has maintained the increase in liquidity recorded since almost mid-May. In the corridor between Mexico and the United States, the transaction volume has remained at 29,885,150 XRP with 92% progress of the day and only a slight of about 100,000 XRP since May 14th.

Finally, the Philippine corridor with the XRP/PHP pair has shown a significant drop in recent days. In contrast to May 14 when the trading volume was 9,652,859 XRP, the transaction volume for this pair was 6,972,273 XRP yesterday May 24. This represents a drop of over 2 million XRP in this corridor.

Author : Reynaldo