New scaling solution launched

2022-01-11 区块链达人

Biconomy says that the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) launched last year on the Ethereum test networks Ropsen and Matic as well as the Alpha version, which was launched in the fourth quarter, have met with great demand. The blockchain-independent developer solution enables the creation of dApps with a simple login via user name and password.

The design is such that it is not necessary to deal with the technical interaction of smart contracts, gas prices, monitoring of the entire system or complex implementation.

The release of the beta mainnet brings a whole range of versatile improvements in design and security updates to ensure a smooth and above all secure application and creation of dApps. However, the biggest innovation is the integration of meta-transactions within the platform, which can be processed without transaction fees, the gas.

Meanwhile, Biconomy has already announced ten partners who will use the protocol, confirming the demand described above. Initial customers include the Matic Network, Torus, Daostack, Sapien Network, Dapp Pocket, Zegi,, Frontier Wallet, Fortmatic and Idle Finance.

Author : Collin Brown