Guide how to buy ETH

2022-01-12 区块链达人

We will show you various ways how you can buy Ethereum very quickly and easily from different exchanges and brokers that we consider to be very safe and trustworthy. But before you take a look at the various instructions and tutorials on how to buy ETH at the various exchanges, you should ask yourself a very important question in advance.Here’s what you should think about: The basic idea of cryptocurrencies is to create a financial system that operates without middlemen and in which there are no dependencies on third parties. Accordingly, from our point of view it is generally better to manage your cryptocurrencies yourself, such as Ethereum (ETH), since only you have access to your asset via your private key.

There are a few reasons for that: Ethereum has revolutionized the blockchain technology and is considered a pioneer for all other Smart-Contract and DApp platforms, including EOS, NEO and Tron. The cryptocurrency Ether (ETH) is used in the Ethereum network as a means of payment for transactions and has therefore of great importance for the network.

In the past, cryptocurrency exchanges have been victims of hacker attacks, with large amounts of cryptocurrencies being stolen. From our point of view it is safer to manage your Etherby  yourself. However, it can be complicated for beginners to set up and use a desktop or hardware wallet. Another special solution are cryptocurrency CFDs. Very important to know with CFDs is however that you do not own the cryptocurrency, like Ethereum, but only hold the certificate (CFD) on a rising (Long) or falling (Short) price.

Author : Jake Simmons