IOTA co-founder about adoption

2022-01-12 区块链达人

Another community member followed up and asked how the IOTA Foundation became a member of the Digital Twin Consortium and whether the IOTA Foundation had paid a sum of money to join. The co-founder of IOTA explained that Dr Richard Soley, who is also Executive Director of the Digital Twin Consortium and a member of the IOTA Board of Directors, played a key role in the selection process.

One aspect that is often overlooked in the crypto and blockchain space by enthusiasts and investors is that the use of distributed ledger technology on a large scale requires standardization so that different companies can exchange data about it. For future IoT, standards for interoperability and common architectures have to be created to connect intelligent devices, machines, people and processes.

To gain widespread adoption in real industry, without standardization, is virtually impossible. It’s crucial to our strategy of becoming a de facto.Regarding standardization, Sønstebø expressed great satisfaction.

Yeah, IOTA is definitely on a roll. ~80% is still behind the scenes and will start to manifest in July-October. I’ve never been more confident in our team, development and vision.I will not speculate or quantify that. The ~80% is a figure of speech that “most is still happening behind the scenes”, but sure you can count it. Just don’t try to calculate any % because the number is a metaphor.

Author : Jake Simmons