Dash partners with BITFXT

2022-01-12 区块链达人

According to it, the collaboration with BITFXT exchange will help Dash offer its remittance services to Nigeria crypto users at the rate of 1%.This means that Dash will allow Nigerians to receive funds via DASH coin and then convert them to Naira at the rate of 1% for transactions above $199. However, if the transaction is less than $200, a transaction fee of 2% will then be required.

While commenting on the new partnership, the CEO of BITFXT, Franklin Odoemenam said that the collaboration is in accordance with the vision of the company, that of being the leading crypto exchange not only in Nigeria but in the whole of Africa.There’s no other way to improve adoption among the people than the daily use of crypto and that is what this partnership does.

It is worth noting that many have found the high cost of transactions, as well as delays from traditional money transfers to be annoying. In fact, according to a PwC report, migrant remittances to Nigeria in 2018 are estimated at US$25 billion and this represents a 6.1% of the country’s GDP. This also represents 14% year-on-year growth from the $22 billion receipts in 2017. Notably, diaspora remittances to Nigeria surpassed 2018 oil revenue.

Meanwhile, the lead of Dash Nigeria, Nathaniel Luz reinstated about the commitment of Dash in daily remittances and international payments. He stated that Dash is needed for a developing economy like Nigeria. Furthermore, research has shown that people spend about 30% on transaction fees when sending remittances to Nigeria using gift cards on Paxful.

In late 2019, Dash announced a partnership with Aircoins to further increase the widespread use of the coin as an alternative means of payment.

Author : Collin Brown