The best IOTA wallets

2022-01-12 区块链达人

In the crypto industry, it is common for large crypto investment firms and cryptocurrency exchanges to store only the most necessary portion of customer funds in hot wallets in order to be liquid. They manage the majority of cryptocurrencies in cold wallets (also called cold storages), because the difference in security level is so significant. You should take this as an example.

Private customers can purchase cold wallets in the form of hardware wallets or create a free paper wallet. The former are small devices, usually as large as a USB stick, that are used to manage Bitcoin, IOTA and other Altcoins offline. In contrast to cold wallets,

Thus the private key practically represents your property right to the cryptocurrency, which is why it must never be passed on. In addition to the seed, IOTA also has another special feature: For each transaction, a new address is automatically generated using the seed. In contrast to other cryptocurrencies, IOTA generates from the private key (seed), the public key what the new addresses are.

The storage of IOTA on a cryptocurrency exchange or with a broker (online wallet) is basically not a good option. This is because you give control of the private key to the trading platform. Our recommendation is therefore to install an external wallet and / or buy a hardware wallet in the best possible way.

Author : Jake Simmons