IOHK donates 500.000 USD

2022-01-12 区块链达人

IOHK is known for using a highly scientific approach in the development of Cardano. In this respect, the newly acquired partner, the University of Wyoming, fits perfectly into the concept. In 2020, the focus will be on the commercialization of Cardano. UW could make a valuable contribution through its research in the field of smart contract applications.

The real-world applications of Blockchain are limitless and IOHK’s donation of $500,000 – in ADA, the native cryptocurrency of our cardano blockchain platform to the University of Wyoming’s Blockchain Research and Development Lab will go some way toward realising that potential and will help to bolster Wyoming’s burgeoning blockchain revolution.

The Wyoming Blockchain Taskforce’s supportive business environment and the excellence of the University of Wyoming’s science research is what led IOHK to choose to invest here. We are incorporated here as a business and are very happy to play a small part in helping embed Wyoming’s position at the global heart of blockchain-based innovation.

The President of the University, Neal Theobald, stated that the donation makes the University of Wyoming proud of IOHK’s trust and commitment to playing a leading role in blockchain research and education:This support will help us continue to move forward in a very exciting and promising field of innovation and discovery.

Author : Jake Simmons