Craig Wright back in the spotlight

2022-01-12 区块链达人

The interview took place on Thomas Lee’s show, 3 points TV. Lee interviewed Wright, president of nChain, and Jimmy Nguyen, president of the Bitcoin Association. The interviewees gave their opinion on the current state of the cryptomarket and on Bitcoin. Wright and Nguyen began the interview by claiming that there is manipulation in the market and a lack of real use of Bitcoin.

They also stated that Bitcoin is not a store of value and that it has failed in its original design of being electronic money. The interviewees emphasized the need to use Bitcoin according to its “original concept”, with real uses on a large scale. As both of them emphasized, Bitcoin has become a pure object of speculation. Wright explained that the original idea behind Bitcoin was to create an alternative currency to fight the rich and the traditional financial system.

The organization was criticized for inviting a figure like Wright. However, they defended their position by pointing out the need to have multiple points of view at the event. At the event, Wright provided the biggest stir on various social media platforms by signing a Bitcoin whiterpaper as Satoshi Nakamoto.

Author : Reynaldo