Staked in Shelley Incentivized Testnet

2022-01-13 区块链达人

The SIT now has more than 15,232 active users and 1046 stake pools have already registered. Of these, 672 count as active because they have delegated at least one ADA. In total, almost 11.35 billion ADAs have been staked and delegated so far. The community has been significantly involved in several tests of various bugs and has provided valuable feedback to the developers.I had a smooth learning, I was new to Linux but everything [for setting up a stake pool]went smooth and was fun.

Hoskinson describes that Cardano is to become the most decentralized crypto currency in the world as soon as all technical milestones of the roadmap have been completed:Cardano shows a strong development in the last weeks and was able to establish numerous new partnerships. These include cooperation with the Georgian and Uzbek governments, where the blockchain is to be used in

In the next development phase Goguen, the Cardano ecosystem will be extended by Smart Contracts functions, thus integrating another important component that makes the platform interesting for a variety of different industrial players.

Author : Collin Brown