Today's Bitcoin Flash

2022-01-13 区块链达人

Other analysts, on the other hand, are currently seeing bullish signals that could herald a reversal of the downtrend that has been ongoing since the end of June, when the Bitcoin dropped from its annual high of 13,800 US dollars. As Willy Woo, co-founder of Adaptive Capital and a popular analyst on Twitter, wrote, a proprietary indicator from Adaptive Capital that measures the “investors momentum” shows a bullish reversal in the Bitcoin market.In addition, there are currently two other Bitcoin price indicators that give a bullish outlook. One of these price models is the much quoted Stock to Flow model, which measures the relation between the newly generated BTC by miners and the current supply and calculates the expected Bitcoin price from this data.

The indicator invented by the well-known Twitter analyst PlanB is controversial, not least because it predicts a BTC price of one million US dollars in 2025. However, the indicator has often been confirmed by the Bitcoin price in the past. Currently, the stock to flow model suggests that the BTC price should be above USD 10,600.

Author : Jake Simmons