Will the IOTA Foundation survive the crypto crash? - Schiener comments

2022-01-13 区块链达人

In the current episode of the HelloIOTA Roundup, Christian Müller asked Dominik Schiener how the IOTA foundation is dealing with the current situation. The co-founder of IOTA explained that the current situation is a major challenge, but that the work on IOTA’s roadmap will not be affected:The current market is obviously not great for our entire industry (and the global economy for that matter), and all of us need to work on contingency plans to mitigate the current risks. Our primary objective is obviously the long-term sustainability of the IOTA Foundation while ensuring that our execution and roadmap delivery today continues unaffected.

As Schiener further explained in the statement, the IOTA Foundation is currently very cautious about spending IOTA tokens. Furthermore, the foundation is currently looking for alternative financing options. According to Schiener, the only good thing about the current situation is that it opens up new ways of raising funds.

In this way, it can be avoided that the treasury of IOTA has to be touched in the foreseeable future. As soon as more details are available, the IOTA foundation will provide more detailed information in accordance with its guidelines on transparency:We are making good progress an on this and as soon as we have a definite answer, we will obviously communicate it to the community.

Author : Jake Simmons