Reshaping the distribution of the staked TRX

2022-01-13 区块链达人

At Tron’s Delegated Proof of Stake, the 27 Super Representative Nodes with the most votes will create the new blocks and share the rewards with their voters. For each block, the 127 most selected Super Representatives will receive a reward in TRX relative to the votes received. The total reward for a block is 160 TRX. Justin Sun, has announced on Twitter that the consensus mechanism of Tron, the Delegated Proof of Stake, will receive an update. According to the announcements, the innovations are aimed at achieving greater community participation by reshaping the distribution of the staked TRX.

By participating in the Super Representatives election, users not only contribute to the development of the network and community, but can also receive rewards themselves. The amount of TRX that the Super Representatives pass on to the voters is, so to speak, an “electoral promise”.

In the tweets, Justin Sun now announced that this process will receive slight changes to strengthen the community’s commitment. Sun explained that the Tron Foundation wants to introduce a “fair, decentralized distribution of stake revenues” and reduce unnecessary dividend payout transactions.

Furthermore, the Tron Foundation announced an update for the Sun Network a few days ago, which was launched on August 11th. The Sun Network is compatible with the Tron network and is a sidechain scaling solution designed to provide “unlimited” scalability for the Tron network.

The sidechain uses the DPoS consensus, just like the mainchain, and is fully compatible with Tron. This allows developers to easily migrate their dApps to the sidechain or develop new dApps on the sidechain. The advantage of the sidechain is the significantly lower resource consumption, which only costs a fraction of the cost of a transaction on the main chain.

Author : Jake Simmons