Decentralized messaging app

2022-01-14 区块链达人

At Cwtch, peers connect directly to each other via Ricochet. This connection allows them to confirm each other’s identity. Group messaging is made possible by Cwtch servers that can be operated by anyone. The peers connect to the server so that the messages are forwarded to all peers. Foundation’s donation, the project, which was only established in 2018 and has so far been financed mainly by private donations .

Cwtch sees itself as a pioneer in creating metadata-resistant tools. It is an extension of the Ricochet protocol “to support asynchronous, multi-level group communication using a usable, untrusted, anonymous infrastructure”. The Messenger works similarly to Bitcoin, where each full node downloads a ledger with all messages, some of which are public.

However, only peers with group secrecy can decrypt the messages. When a peer is offline, it can later connect to the server and update the communication. Peers can also access more than one server. In addition, groups can switch servers at any time, creating a dynamic, distributed, and decentralized network. The messaging app is thus intended to be more decentralized than, for example, Telegram or Signal.Open Privacy is working to make anonymous payment options available to Cwtch users.

Author : Jake Simmons