Bitcoin targets $8,000

2022-01-14 区块链达人

The Bitcoin Halving is just under 2 weeks away and is creating a bullish mood among investors. Experienced Bitcoin trader Josh Rager that Bitcoin will soon reach the $8,000 mark, thus once again tackling this important mark that was lost on March 12. One factor that can further drive the $8,000 rally is Bitcoin Futures. Both their trading volume and fundamentals are showing a bullish trend.

However, Bitcoin Trader SalsaTekila warns that there are many sell orders in the $7,800 to $8,000 price range, so he is still hesitant about whether Bitcoin can break through the $8,000 mark directly: bounced +117% since it's bottom.

The prominent Bitcoin trader Big Cheds describes that although the overall mood on Twitter seems to be negative, Bitcoin, in his opinion, continues to trade in a bullish territory as BTC continues to trade above the EMA 8 (on the 6 hour chart), thus creating the conditions for BTC to break the $8,000 mark.

Author : Collin Brown