Will Walmart use Ripples XRP?

2022-01-14 区块链达人

Supermarket giant Walmart has been offering a money transfer service to its customers for several years, Walmart2World. This enables customers to send money cheaply and arrive at their destination faster than conventional money transfers. Walmart would also like to upgrade and is looking for cooperation partners.

By using its own Walmart2World service, Walmart has saved more than a billion USD in costs for its customers to date. The company plans to target further cost savings to enable customers to take greater advantage of this service. This is where Ripple partners MoneyGram and Ria come in.

In the future, customers using Walmart2World will have access to transfer services from MoneyGram and Ria. The costs for transfers will continue to fall and the speed will increase. In addition, Walmart will be able to provide additional payout locations, greatly expanding the payment network.

Author : Collin Brown