The use of IOTA for IoT platform

2022-01-14 区块链达人

Strnadl hinted that the world-renowned company Software AG is planning to work more closely with IOTA. Strnadl said at the time that Software AG is not simply adding IOTA features in its “back chamber” and then asking potential customers what they think.The platform is, as the name suggests, an Internet of Things platform that is open, fast to deploy and distributed. Via the platform, “every thing” is supposed to be connected within minutes and IoT data can be monitored in real-time. As Strnadl noted, Software AG intends to use the IOTA Tangle and IOTA token for functions such as device identity, data origin, integrity and security, as well as micro-transactions and micro-payments in the M2M economy.

The founding members include some long-term partners of , such as Dell Technologies, STMicroelectronics, BiiLabs and Software AG. The latter, through its Vice President for Innovation & Architecture, Christoph Strnadl, published a blog post that highlights why Software AG decided to join the Tangle EE and what future developments can be expected.

Despite all the euphoria, however, Strnadl also noted that IOTA technology is still at a very early stage of development. Accordingly, Software AG will not base its corporate strategy on IOTA alone. This means that we are not going to develop an identity solution alone, nor should we. The signed up parties will all take part in the governance of the open-source software and together decide in what direction the protocol will be developed. A Self Sovereign Identity solution acquires three major hurdles to be resolved: Software, Corporate and Adoption. […]

Corporate and User Adoption creates a classic chicken-egg problem where corporate will adopt something with a lot of users, while users will start using something if a lot of corporates support it. Tangle EE helps us break through the chicken and egg problem. In close collaboration with our partners we will not only develop an excellent software solution, but we will also work towards creating an easy path to corporate adoption.

Author : Jake Simmons