The best Ravencoin wallets

2022-01-15 区块链达人

Wallets for cryptocurrencies show considerable differences compared to the well-known wallets for paper money. While physical money can be stored in the latter, wallets are responsible for storing digital currencies. Beyond this obvious difference, however, there is another more serious difference.A wallet for cryptocurrencies does not store the asset itself (which is stored on the blockchain), but the access key to access the wallet. . If you got the private key, you can access the cryptocurrency and also send it.

The wallet is therefore only a user interface to access the blockchain using the private key. The statement that the “cryptocurrency is stored on the wallet” makes no sense. Depending on whether the private key is stored online or offline, wallets can be divided into two types.The big disadvantage of hardware wallets is that, unlike other types of wallets, they are not free of charge (purchase costs are incurred, any further use is then free of charge).

Author : Jake Simmons