Launching new web-monatization

2022-01-15 区块链达人

There are many creative minds and developers with a mission, but they can’t find a client and can’t realize their vision due to lack of financial resources. Firefox has always been committed to an open and democratic developer community and wants to raise and provide funding for programmers and content creators through a new project.According to Mozilla, developers and content producers as creators of digital content need new ways to make money from their work.Depending on the intensity and length of time the content presented on Firefox is consumed, the content producers will automatically receive a monetary payment.

In addition to a standard version, Coil also offers monetization for exclusive content that can only be viewed if a higher subscription level has been purchased. Firefox explicitly points out that so far this is an experiment, which is intended to collect data and feedback for further development. The main goal is not to make content producers rich within a short period of time.

作者 : Collin Brown