The best Ripple wallets

2022-01-15 区块链达人

Compared to other wallets, Ripple Hardware Wallets offer the best possible protection currently available on the market. Your private key never comes into contact with the Internet and is therefore safe from potential hacker attacks. The release of each transaction must take place via a physical push of a button on the hardware wallet. Hardware Wallets are thus very effectively protected against phishing attacks, as no transaction can be sent without manual confirmation. Stealing XRP from your hardware wallet is almost impossible.

For Ripple, there are many different wallets on the market, all of which offer different security levels and more or less extensive functions. There is a basic distinction for all wallets:The decisive difference is a connection to the World Wide Web, the Internet. Large investment firms and crypto exchanges therefore store a large part of their clients’ assets in cold wallets. These offer the best possible security against thieves and hacker attacks.

The private key is mathematically linked to the wallet address, which is a hash version of the public key. The public key is not secret and can be viewed by any person.We recommend that you keep your XRP on an external wallet away from a exchange. If you trade a lot, you can temporarily store your XRP on a exchange. If not, it is always safer to send the XRP to an external wallet. Cryptocurrency exchanges have the big disadvantage that they have ownership of your private key access and thus control over your asset.

Even if the device were stolen, your XRP would be safe. Each hardware wallet is secured by a PIN and an additional 2-factor authentication. If thieves steal your hardware wallet, they still can’t access your assets.

作者 : Collin Brown