Ripple unveils new details on new XRP

2022-01-15 区块链达人

From the announcement it can be deduced that the position offered by Ripple will be crucial for the development of the platform. The candidates must have experience in software development in the following technologies: Java, gRPC, event architectures (AMQP), service meshes, and others. In addition, candidates must have more than five years of practical experience in software development.Already at the end of March this year, Ripple published a job advertisement stating that the company was looking for an Engineering Manager for On-Demand Liquidity. This should connect the payment solution On-Demand Liquidity with the trading platform. The manager will work at Ripple’s headquarters in San Francisco and will also coordinate the entire code architecture.

As has now been announced, Ripple will continue to increase the number of employees for the new project. The latest vacancy is for a systems engineer, who must meet five requirements outlined by Ripple:Build an enterprise grade, distributed trading platform that provides real-time access to crypto markets。Liquidity sourcing and aggregation, execution algorithm modeling and implementation。Prototype new solutions for complex software problems and implement them for production cloud deployments。Be a technical subject matter expert and share your expertise with a growing team of engineers

Work with teams across the organization, including product, information security and operations to think beyond the technical implications of your design decisions。

作者 : Reynaldo