XRP could be classified as value

2022-01-15 区块链达人

Ripple’s motion to dismiss was not granted on the basis that the plaintiffs could prove that the sale of the XRP has continued since the first offer. Plaintiffs claim that only between 2017 and 2018 Ripple and the rest of the plaintiffs benefited from the sale of the token. In addition, they report profits of $1.1 billion in that time frame. The complainants claim that the opposing party constantly campaigns to “drive the adoption of XRP” through multiple platforms that promote the purchase of the token. On the other hand, the court found no merit in establishing that Ripple’s CEO, Brad Garlinghouse, has individual legal responsibilities. The court also dismissed arguments that there were misleading statements by the defendants regarding the illegal sale of XRP in the state of California.

Therefore, a victory for the plaintiffs could have a negative impact on the price of XRP. In addition, the financial product of Ripple, On Demand Liquidity could also be affected.

作者 : Reynaldo