Traceability platform launched in China

2022-01-15 区块链达人

Now with their new traceability tool they will be able to use blockchain technology to maintain control and better management of Pu’er tea. This kind of tea is particularly popular in China. Just in 2018, its production volume was 172 tons, according to VeChain’s publication.

For this reason, the Chinese authorities have had years of problems with their administration and distribution. VeChain’s new traceability tool is emerging as a viable solution. First, it will be able to guarantee that the product (Pu’er tea) is of the best quality. Due to its high demand, consumers prefer a guarantee of authenticity and origin.The blockchain-powered system will provide transparent and trustworthy tea trades benefiting both producers and customers.Finally, it became known that this VeChain tool is only one of 30 that have been registered in China. Little by little, the Asian country seems to incorporate blockchain technology into its operation.

作者 : Reynaldo