The blockchain project of EOS

2022-01-15 区块链达人

There has already been criticism in the recent past about the centralization of EOS, as the majority of the 21 EOS Block Producers come from China. This issue appears to be getting worse. As EOS New York pointed out via Twitter, six EOS Block Producers were registered by a single company at the same time and place, in Shenzhen, China. At least the whois domain data shows this.

In the tweet, EOS New York expressed concerns about the degree of centralization and subsequently requested the signatures of the 50 largest registered Block Producers so that all EOS token holders know who accepts this ‘inappropriateness and who does not’.EOS tokens offer the benefit of CPU bandwidth when they are staked. The cause of the complaints is therefore the EOS model. For example, the ownership of 1% of all EOS entitles users to free use of 1% of the CPU on the network. However, this model resulted in users having to own a large amount of EOS to use the network.Larimer’s new proposal is therefore essentially aimed at preventing speculative activities. It ensures that 100% of the CPU is leased from the EOS system contract at all times, implements an exponential price curve and makes the CPU a non-transferable resource. These features are intended to eliminate the speculative value of the CPU market and make the amount of reserved CPU time fixed and predictable.

作者 : Jake Simmons