Ethereum Classic compatibility

2022-01-16 区块链达人

The first hard fork was completed on September 12, 2019 at the block height of 8,772,000 and allowed the incorporation of features that Ethereum implemented in the Spurious Dragon and Byzantium forks. On the other hand, Agharta was successfully implemented on December 26, 2019 at the height of block 9,573,000 and introduced the features of Ethereum’s hard fork Constantinople.

An announcement by Afri Schoedon revealed that the blockchains have reached protocol parity, after Ethereum Classic completed its most recent hard fork on May 31st, called Phoenix.Afri Schoedon is a well-known developer who until 2019 worked as part of the Ethereum Core, but a difference with the team led him to resign his position. Since then he works as a developer of Ethereum Classic as part of the core team. The most recent is the testnest.Ethereum Classic’s Phoenix hard fork was completed at block 10,500,839 and is the latest in a series of updates that allow ETC to have virtually the same protocol as Ethereum. Phoenix incorporated the features of Ethereum’s latest hard fork, Istanbul.

作者 : Reynaldo