the US Treasury back XRP

2022-01-16 区块链达人

As early as 2017, it was announced that Bottomline was working with Ripple on a pilot project. The General Manager and Director of Bottomlines, Adshead-Grant in February 2019:Bottomline worked with Ripple two years ago on a pilot, but now the latter has grown to critical mass, with 200 banks across a global playing field in its network, it will be drawing more attention across the payments ecosystem.

Ripple’s technology continues to attract new use cases and partners. According to the LinkedIn profile of Laurent Laborde, Solution Architect of Bottomline Technologies, the company is testing a technology. Bottomline Technologies is a U.S.-based payment processing and consulting company whose solutions are used by thousands of companies in 92 countries.The company recently reported total revenue of $108.2 million for the third quarter of 2019, with a gross profit of $61.6 million. Laborde updated its LinkedIn with the following task:Fundamental part of the move of our SaaS to the current disrupting technologies in the financial market.

作者 : Jake Simmons