Ripple requests that XRP is a security

2022-01-16 区块链达人

As has now become public, Ripple has demanded that the lawsuit be dismissed for legal reasons. In a published by the court, Ripple justified the motion to dismiss the complaint with various formalities and not with the core concern of the complaint. Jake Chervinsky, a well-known crypto lawyer, that the question of whether XRP is a security does not play a role in the document.Ripple just filed a motion to dismiss the XRP securities class action.

Ripple alleges in the document that investors are not entitled to make claims due to an expired deadline as the application should have been made within three years of the first offer in 2013. In addition, Ripple points out that XRP is not an investment in Ripple and that Ripple has not been sold directly to the plaintiff.

作者 : Jake Simmons