Next big deal for TRON

2022-01-16 区块链达人

In the past, the has been able to establish many partnerships and thus promote trust in TRX and the TRON blockchain. The use of TRX in people’s everyday lives is a decisive factor in its dissemination and acceptance by the population. The latest cooperation drives the adaptation forward again.

We are particularly excited to offer a low minimum deposit threshold and zero transaction fees, ensuring and gaming can be enjoyed by even more players for the first time.

Users of and can now deposit TRX to the platform with the industry’s lowest deposit of just €1.80 and choose from a variety of different games. TRON has made a name for itself in the gaming industry in the past. Most recently, the game EOS Knights migrated from the to the TRON Blockchain.Tim Heath, CEO of the Coingaming Group, describes TRX as a perfect in-game currency:We always work hard to put our customers at the center of the universe, and by adding TRX gaming we are once again at the cutting edge of what is possible in this space.

作者 : Collin Brown